Repairs & Parts

When a building’s elevators are out of service, it can cause more than just an inconvenience. In some cases, a broken elevator can bring business operations to a halt or prevent a building from maintaining code compliance, for example. At the very least, inoperable elevators can cause unnecessary hassles and leave permanent stains on a business’s reputation.

The Need for Prompt Elevator Repairs

Even the best, most meticulously installed elevators require regular maintenance and the occasional repair job, though. Neglecting problems with your elevator system can result in malfunctions, pose unnecessary risks to passengers, and result in more costly problems down the line. Simply put, it’s important to call in an elevator repair service as soon as a potential problem is detected.

Fortunately, Thurston Elevator Concepts, Inc. has you covered. We’ve been providing first-rate elevator repair services to area businesses and property owners since 2002. Find out for yourself why we’re the go-to elevator company for maintenance and repair jobs.

Thorough and Comprehensive Inspections

As part of our extensive line of elevator services, Thurston Elevator Concepts provides comprehensive inspections and repairs for all types of elevators. Whether for a mandatory inspection, a routine maintenance call, or a complex repair job, our crew of highly trained elevator technicians will arrive promptly on site to address the issue. Most of the time, this will include a thorough inspection of your elevator system, including tests of all parts and mechanisms. We won’t stop until we locate any and all problems and ensure the complete safety of your elevator structure.

Expert, Reliable Repair Technicians

Obviously, an elevator repair job isn’t something you can trust just anyone with. On the contrary, it’s a task that’s best left for the experts. At Thurston Elevator Concepts, our elevator repair technicians are trained by the National Elevator Industry Education Program, and we’re proud members of the International Union of Elevator Constructors. Our crew is comprised of true craftsmen who take pride in every job that they do. Moreover, each of our elevator repair jobs is overseen by our company owner, Randy Thurston. We have almost two decades of experience in the elevator repair industry, and we can guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work.

Non-Proprietary Parts Made in the USA

At Thurston Elevator Concepts, our repair technicians are equipped with parts and tools that are predominantly made in the United States. Why? Because we just happen to believe that American-made parts are the very best there is. Our equipment is also entirely non-proprietary, which gives our clients the freedom to expand and remodel into the future. It’s just one of the many ways we express our commitment to keeping you moving—with or without us!

Free Estimates on All Elevator Repairs

If you’re in need of routine maintenance or repair of your existing elevator structure, contact Thurston Elevator Concepts today. Our friendly and professional agents will discuss the details of your service need and provide you with a free quote. It really is that simple!

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