Monthly Maintenance

Take it from us—an elevator installation or repair isn’t a fix-it-and-forget-it type job. Elevators require routine maintenance in order to ensure safe, optimal, and reliable performance.

The Benefits of Regular Elevator Maintenance

At Thurston Elevator Concepts, Inc., we’re the elevator experts, and we know how important it is to maintain your elevator system. Not only does a regular maintenance plan minimize interruptions to your working elevator, but it also prevents more costly repairs in the future. When an elevator is neglected and doesn’t receive the routine maintenance it needs, things can get messy and expensive fairly quickly. With monthly maintenance, however, you can keep your costs low and predictable. It’s preventative maintenance at its best!

Our Expert Elevator Maintenance Technicians

Since 2002, Thurston Elevator Concepts has been associated with excellence in elevator maintenance. And it all starts with our technicians. Each of our trusted crew members undergoes extensive training provided by the National Elevator Industry Education Program. They’re also extremely experienced and detail-oriented, so we can guarantee an efficient and comprehensive maintenance service each and every time. The bottom line? When you partner with Thurston Elevator, you can rest assured your elevator is in good hands.

Our technicians are also friendly and professional. Most importantly, they understand that your elevator system is an asset, and they’re committed to helping you protect it for the long-term.

Custom Monthly Maintenance Options

We all have unique needs. That’s why Thurston Elevator Concepts offers various elevator maintenance packages to fit your specific building, elevator system, schedule, and budget. You won’t find one-size-fits-all solutions here. In fact, we can tailor our services to meet your individual preferences and specifications. It’s just the Thurston way. Our most popular packages include the following maintenance options:

  • 24-hour emergency phone monitoring
  • Replacement of worn parts
  • Hydraulic oil level monitoring
  • Chain and rail lubrication
  • A thorough survey for needed repairs
  • Code compliance inspection
  • And much more!

At Thurston Elevator Concepts, our industry-leading maintenance services are also tailored to your specific elevator type, age, environment, and usage. Moreover, our technicians will take into account any local codes and regulations that apply to your specific building and elevator system. This personalized level of service may surprise you, but it will never let you down.

Thurston Elevator’s maintenance services begin and end with a safety check. Why? Because safety is our number one priority. No matter which package you choose, when our elevator maintenance technicians have serviced your elevator, you can rest assured it will be safe and operable until your next scheduled service appointment. That’s peace of mind you can rely upon!

Set Up Your Elevator Maintenance Plan Today!

If you have an elevator that isn’t being maintained on a regular basis, don’t wait around for a problem to occur. Instead, pick up the phone and give Thurston Elevator Concepts a call today. It’s a simple and cost-effective step you can take now to ensure continual peak performance of your elevator systems for the foreseeable future.